12-9-20 Update

Hello everyone who’s reading! I’m back from the dead! I have some good and bad news. I’m putting An Unusual life on Monochrome on hiatus but I still plan on working on the comic. I’ve been working on the comic this year but yesterday I realized I was doing this all wrong. I’m pretty sure I said this before but I pretty much rushed this comic and because of that it has slowed the process in getting it out consistently and made me feel like this isn’t my best work. So I decided that to prevent myself from losing passion on this story it’s best that I start over. I only have three chapters anyway and to be honest not a lot of people reading it so if I want to bring in more people and have work that I can honestly be proud of, I think this is the best decision. I will be back! hopefully next year or the year after but I will be back and better than ever. In the meantime I’ve been honing my art skills and my goal is to try and make some money from my art, hopefully next year. It’s always been my dream to be a professional artist so I plan to really expand by then. If you’re interested, follow me on my Instagram and twitter accounts. I’m going to try to use them more and put myself out there. This website will also be gone by tomorrow but I plan to bring it back later when I’m ready again. I also want to thank you for your support and hope to see you again soon with the new and improved version of An Unusual Life of Monochrome. Again thank you and have a happy holiday and a Happy New Year.

6-10-20 Update!

Long time no see! Still working on the new chapter and let me tell ya, I’ve been having a lot of writer’s block but I’m working through it! I can tell you that this is a long one and I’m trying to also write other chapters in advance so I can try to get these chapters out fast. That’s one thing I’m kind of disappointed in myself. I wish I could get these chapters out fast but there are so many factors that make that difficult. But I’ll figure it out so I appreciate your patience. Trust me it will come! I feel like I’m almost done with the script so I can finally draw. Also, If you go to page 10 on my blog, you’ll see I added something. It’s been a while since I updated that page and that’s mainly because I’m not that interested in posting things all the time only when I want to. It’s about current events warn you so if you’re not in the mood I understand. As always, if anything new happens I will inform you. Until next time, see ya!

4-27-20 Update

Hey guys, sorry for the radio silence. It’s been really crazy, I’m sure you guys know. I’ll be honest I haven’t worked on the new chapter that much but the good news is I’m getting my mojo back. I have been working on the script more since last week and I feel like I made some great progress. I hope you guys are doing well during these tough times and again thanks for your support. Hang in there and until next time, see ya.

3-23-20 Update!

Hello everyone! I hope y’all are staying safe during these crazy and unpredictable times. Just wanted to let y’all know I’m going to be working on my comic starting this week and will keep you guys updated. I will also be doing other things so that will have an effect on when the next chapter will come out but I promise you guys will know when it’s close to being ready. Check me out on Instagram, I’m trying to post there often. I’ll be honest, I’m not the best when it comes to social media but I’m trying to be. Anyway, Have a great week despite this craziness and until next time, see ya.

Chapter 3 is live!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the wait but as promised chapter 3 is out and ready for reading. As always I appreciate any feedback and I hope you enjoy. As for the next chapter, I had hope I would have that close to being ready by the time I was done with this chapter but I greatly underestimated a lot of factors. In truth the next chapter could take a while longer but I will continue to work on it so the wait won’t take long. I also want to work on improving my art and creating a portfolio. If you check my Instagram, I’ve been working on improving my art so that is another factor that might hinder updates. I really want to get better to the point where I feel confident in trying to make money through my art. But other than that, I am always grateful to those who read my work. Until next time, see ya!

2-23-20 Update

Hey everyone! Got some great news! Chapter 3 will be out March 10th! I know that’s not technically the end of February but that’s not far off. Chapter 4 is still in development and I will let you know when that’s coming up. That’s pretty much it. Hope you guys like it because this part of the story ended up being longer than I expected😅 which is why I had to break it into three parts. I want to hurry and finish this part so we can get to other characters and plot. So, thanks for your support and patience. I’m not the best artist or writer but I am happy to see that there are people out there enjoying what I do because I’m having fun doing this. Anyway that’s all, don’t forget March 10th is new chapter day! See y’all later!

2-11-20 Update

Hey everyone! It’s been far too long, sorry about that. I just wanted to let ya’ll know that chapter 3 will be out by the end of this month! I’m almost done drawing and will be doing the rest soon which won’t take me too long so expect it soon. Chapter 4 won’t be to long hopefully since I already started on the script but that chapter might be more than 24 pages. Anyway, that’s all. Gotta get back to it, see ya’ll soon.

1-20-20 Update

Happy Martin Luther King Day! Sorry for the very late update but I wanted to keep you guys up to date on what’s going on. I’m currently working on two chapters at a time since this story is longer than I expected because I had so many ideas that I couldn’t just say in 24 pages. Also, I want to see if I can get chapters out faster by doing two at a time. I’m drawing chapter 3 while writing chapter 4 so you’ll don’t have to wait and hope I can get these chapters out faster. All I’ve been focusing on right now is this comic and some other things as well but mainly this. I also don’t want to feel like I’m rushing it but not be too much of a perfectionist. I truly love working on this comic! Anyway, that’s all. Have a great week!

1-7-20 Update!

Hey everyone! First of all, Happy New Year!!! It’s been a while since I posted anything on this site because my focus has been writing the next chapter and that’s pretty much it. I feel like the next chapter will be a long one so it might take a while for it to come out but just know I’m working on it every week and I’ll keep ya’ll updated with it’s progress. I’ve also wanted to work on other things as well like sculpting and painting. I really like to sculpt even though I’mm not great at it yet but I’m still practicing and hopefully will show you my work soon. As for this site, I really want to change it somehow but I’m not sure how. It really feels like aside from my comic (which takes me a while to complete) there really isn’t much to this site. Not gonna lie, I got bored of blogging which is why I haven’t done it recently so I’m trying to figure out what else I can add to this site. Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say and I hope you guys have a great week!

12-23-19 Update!

Hello Everyone! So right now I’m currently writing chapter 3. I’m not sure when it will be finished but hopefully it won’t take long. The chapter might be longer so it probably will take a while but I’m gonna really try to work at it!!! So, bear with me I promise to keep ya’ll informed. Have a great rest of the week!